Top 8 Reasons Babysitters Drop Out

Top 8 Reasons Babysitters Drop Out

There are many reasons why a nanny chooses to end a relationship with her employer. If she knows the reasons, it may be easier to avoid them and help prolong and strengthen her relationship with her babysitter, which is important for the growth and well-being of her child, not only because she is giving a good time.

1. Lack of Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a babysitter-parent relationship. You may love her babysitter because she is a personable, non-confrontational person and a keeper of the peace with her children, but these characteristics can be problematic in terms of communication problems.

A babysitter and parent relationship involves people with different backgrounds coming together with a common goal of successfully raising children. Disappointment and resentment can occur if there is not constant and open communication.

Before your relationship begins, talk to your future babysitter which is best nanny agency about the importance of communication to you and when you start working with you, be sure to give your babysitter a safe space to share her feelings. In addition to a daily check-in on the way in and out, which is usually about the child’s day and time, it is good to set aside a longer time once a month or once in a while to analyze how work is going.

2. Change of Job Responsibilities

Nannies are hired to perform specific tasks, looking after a specific number of children. If you start asking your babysitter to do extra chores, even the smallest ones, without arguing or making up for it, things can eventually go in the wrong direction. A babysitter shouldn’t have to clean her kitchen to make breakfast for her kids.

If her contract says that she will wash the children’s clothes, this does not give the parents a pass to ask her to do the laundry. Don’t change her job responsibilities unexpectedly and assume she agrees.

3. Increasing Schedules

The nanny is hired to work days and hours. If you are continually changing her schedule, contact her babysitter and see if this works for her. She has a life outside of looking at her kids, so ask her what works for her. Schedules change as children get older, but parents should not assume that the babysitter will be happy to accommodate all changes. Ask your babysitter how she feels these new changes will affect her. Otherwise, some kind of compromise may need to take place, or unfortunately, she may end up breaking up.

4. Lack of Appreciation

Nannies spend all day taking care of the children, which, as we all know, is not an easy task! In our busy lives and hurried schedules, parents often forget to thank their babysitters for all that they do for our families. Appreciation goes a long way. Take the time to appreciate your babysitter on a regular basis. The extra special appreciation is meaningful on her birthday, during the holidays, or during National Nanny Recognition Week. A gift for your babysitter doesn’t have to be expensive.

A small token of appreciation from her and a thoughtful handmade card from your child goes a long way in showing how much you appreciate everything your babysitter does for you.

5. Parental Micromanagement

Hiring someone to help you raise your child can be complicated because, as a parent, you know your child best and want to make all the decisions, big or small. However, hiring a babysitter means that you are entering a partnership. Adding someone else to the babysitting mix means more opinions, and as a babysitter who has worked with other children, her opinion is probably worth looking into. Guessing or questioning every decision your babysitter makes will create a bad situation.

Giving your babysitter freedom and learning to accept minor differences will really help your babysitter respect you. If there are areas that are very important to you, choose those points and tell them their importance.

6. Family Dysfunction

Nannies have a front row seat to everything that happens within your home, so if you and your spouse are constantly fighting or allowing your older child to repeatedly bite and hit your child without proper discipline for your age, a nanny may choose to leave the family. More serious situations, such as alcohol abuse, physical abuse, or emotional instability, are a big red flag for babysitters to look elsewhere.

7. Salary and Tax Problems

Tax issues can get complicated, so make sure you have a signed contract from both parties before hiring it. Take the time to discuss salary and tax issues during the interview and remember this in your babysitting contract. Consider giving the babysitter a breakdown of your paycheck tax deductions with her first payment, and any time there is a change in her compensation. Consult a babysitting tax specialist for help.

8. A Better Situation

You can hire a nanny who will agree to her terms just to get a better deal in the future. As harsh as it sounds, it happens. Either party can terminate the contract, so keep in mind that a good babysitter is hard to find, so keep yours happy! If you can only provide part-time and your babysitter finds a family that offers full-time, assume that you will leave. Also, if a babysitter finds a family that will pay you more money for fewer responsibilities (a child versus hers, two hers, or no laundry duties, etc.), she may reconsider working for you. If your babysitter is offered a better deal, she may choose to leave.

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