Vagal Suppression Buffers Against the Negative Effects of Psychological Inflexibility on Parenting Behaviors in Combat Deployed Fathers: Parenting: Vol 0, No 0


Vagal suppression is a parasympathetic physiological indicator of emotion regulation and social engagement behaviors, typically measured by means of heart amount variability. Experiential avoidance demonstrates psychological inflexibility or very poor emotion regulation. We examined the conversation outcomes of parental vagal suppression and experiential avoidance on observed parenting behaviors among the combat deployed fathers. Style . We analyzed details from 92 male Countrywide Guard/Reserve customers who had returned from a deployment to Iraq and/or Afghanistan because 2001. They were being typically European American, in their 30s, center-class, and married. All fathers participated in household-centered assessments with their spouses (if married) and a focus on child aged 4–13 years. Fathers’ vagal suppression was measured as the reduce in cardiac vagal tone (i.e., high frequency heart amount variability) from a neutral looking through undertaking to a father-child conflict resolution undertaking. Experiential avoidance was self-documented. Parenting behaviors were being observed for the duration of family members conversation responsibilities and coded into positive engagement and withdrawal avoidance using a macro-degree coding method. Results . Various regression investigation confirmed no main outcomes of vagal suppression on observed parenting, but conversation outcomes of experiential avoidance by vagal suppression on observed parenting. Especially, among the fathers with higher vagal suppression, we observed no relations among experiential avoidance and observed parenting among the fathers with decrease vagal suppression, we observed an inverse association among experiential avoidance and positive engagement as properly as a positive association among experiential avoidance and withdrawal avoidance. Conclusions . The result of psychological inflexibility on military services fathers’ parenting behaviors was moderated by vagal suppression. The findings have implications for the linkage among emotion regulation and parenting in military services fathers.

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