Why Does Raising A Mini-Me Feel So Hard?


Kids maintain a mirror up to us like no just one else.

But what occurs when you never like what you see?

What transpires when you recognize you are elevating your extremely own “mini me,” and your heart sinks?

Why is raising a mini me tricky?

I found that guiding and supporting a miniature model of me meant keeping that mirror back up to myself. It took a lot of soul browsing and acceptance to transfer past messages of disgrace and self-loathing that I experienced picked up.

If you have a youngster who reminds you of your self and whose behaviors or upsets you discover tricky to handle, it could be you have to have to uncover extra compassion for you much too. 

Boosting a mini me from working day a single

Allow me be incredibly apparent. I dearly really like my boy or girl and constantly will. What’s tough is when I can see that they are a “chip off the old block”, as the indicating goes, and I would have most popular they took much more from the “other” parenting block. My partner is a large amount a lot more chill and mellow than I am or ever was. He was also a very quick kid by all accounts.

I realized early on that my firstborn was having soon after me. In fact, it commenced with the initially cry. (My mum and spouse stated it was precisely like mine!). This baby is incredibly particular about what they want, has had extremely very clear boundaries from an early age and shows powerful-will and tenacity. (Examine more about potent-willed kids below)

Really don’t we want youngsters to be powerful advocates?

“These are superb features!” 

Which is what I would say to any person parenting a kid with these qualities. We want our children to be strong advocates for by themselves. We want them to be extremely obvious on what they will and won’t tolerate. We want them to be able to coherently, emphatically and intelligently argue their way out of something that does not provide them.

So what was my problem?

The challenge with elevating a mini me was looking at myself

I was viewing myself in this little one. 

I didn’t like it at all. Why? 

I didn’t love myself. 

There’s a track by New Zealand singer, Lorde, and the initially time I listened to it I had to pull over on the side of the street and bawl as I listened to her sing these text: “They say ‘you’re a legal responsibility, you’re a small a lot for me.’ ”


That felt like me.

I noticed all those great characteristics that I consider make for strong human beings, the improve-makers and the intense advocates, by way of my very own lens of worry. I experienced this sort of painful recollections of the trouble those very same features had introduced on me in my youth. 

So any time my child displayed off-track habits, my 1st feelings went to worst-scenario scenarios. I blamed myself for her conduct and I also resented her for currently being Just. Like. Me.

I observed all the items I didn’t love reflected in my little one

As a youngster I was identified as the “naughty” a single, working with humor and disruption to amuse my classmates into liking me. I chose to be brashy and outspoken and my mouth received me in problems constantly. 

Genuine or not, I felt like I was much too considerably difficulty for everybody. 

And now here I was, looking at all these points I didn’t enjoy about myself mirrored in my possess little one.

And then I discovered a software that assisted me discover enjoy and acceptance for us equally. 

This tool served me find like and acceptance

1 quite impressive instrument we have in this article at Hand In Hand Parenting is Listening Partnerships. This is exactly where you share uninterrupted and unfiltered venting, pondering, crying, complaining, and whatever you like with a Listener. They will not decide, interrupt, rationalize, hypothesize or refer back again to anything at all you’ve stated. 

As an alternative, your companion trusts in your inherent wisdom of your own situation and affirms that you are very good and you are smart. That you will always discover the answer to what ever it is you are doing work on.

The notion of listening like this is unconventional to quite a few men and women, as even in our closest and most snug friendships there is normally some again and forth or relating these kinds of as “When I went by something related, this is what worked…” 

That method, of training course, definitely has its spot, but as I figured out myself, Listening Time is upcoming stage. I have uncovered it integral to surviving the myriad problems parenting delivers.

It is frequent for folks to require a small assistance having likely when they start out with Listening Partnerships. One way to do this is by imagining what existence was like when you have been your child’s age. My Listening Spouse recommended I check out it, but I didn’t really get how it would do the job. 

Then I found myself giving it a shot on a spouse and children vacation. 

How my own ordeals impacted elevating my mini me boy or girl

By that issue, my mini-me baby was seven, and I was discovering it more challenging than ever to mother or father her in normal. It was at that stage she had begun to be influenced more by her peers and she had come to be more and much more solid in herself. Every little thing felt tricky.

And then my other child commenced preventing back again. All of a unexpected we experienced double the upsets. Considering that we were being on a journey, we were in very near quarters with my overall family. It felt like every 1 of them was blaming all the hitting and kicking on my mini-me. There had been two roles rising and getting cemented—one of instigator and just one of victim. 

To be trustworthy, I felt the similar way!

I felt so mad. All these decades of railing on her sibling had at last resulted in our ordinarily quiet tiny pacifist child striking back again.

But a little something else dawned on me. 

My mini me youngster had no-a person on her aspect. Which includes me.


My mini me youngster had no-just one on her side

So I went to the Hand In Hand Parenting Fb web page and observed an emergency Listening Companion in the proper timezone and I figured I would give this notion of revisiting my childhood a go.

My reminiscences of childhood are vague at finest. But when I did wind the clock back, I realized my next sibling was born the yr I turned 7. Before long just after, my grandma died overseas and my mum had to depart us all for a total month. She took the newborn with her, but we stayed residence. 

In the meantime, I did a little something I felt very ashamed of at school and that I carried with me for a long time afterward. 

Previous encounters led me to new compassion

I utilised the listening session to perform through that incident. After processing what I experienced long gone as a result of at the time, I was instantly ready to feel a deep and complete compassion for the boy or girl I was. 

The poor factor! 

My behavior had been a crystal clear SOS, but back then, regulate and punishment ended up the go-to responses. No 1 took into thought nearly anything else that was likely on for me, and I picked up a deep perception of shame that I continued to have for numerous a long time. Immediately after this Listening session, I finally felt freed of it.

No ponder I was finding it tough to father or mother my seven-yr-outdated.

Deep-down, parenting her had reminded me of one particular of the worst periods of my lifestyle. One particular of the first occasions I experienced internalized that I was a “bad kid”. It was a time I had felt that no-a person would assistance me. 

My child’s habits was an SOS

Soon after this listening session I at last felt no cost of that.

I now understood why it felt hard to mother or father my mini-me baby, particularly at that age. In point, I realized that the difficult parts in parenting for me ended up always about my very own ache. My possess previous messaging acquiring in the way of the awesome applications I’d found out as a result of Hand in Hand. 

I could see it was happening listed here too!

The pain of the condition reminded me of my individual childhood and blocked me from responding to my boy or girl with the empathy, compassion and comprehension I experienced so desperately required. 

Instead, previous messages rang crystal clear in my intellect and informed me: 

  • “Get this kid below command!”
  • “They want self-discipline!” 
  • “If you allow items preserve going this way you will hardly ever have control!” 

Manage is not the remedy

Here’s the point. We simply cannot have an authentic marriage the place regulate is our focus and with out an authentic connection, we cannot foster link, which is the key to thriving as human beings. The bonus is that via connection we really do discover cooperation. 

After the listening session, I could see evidently that my child’s actions was a call for me to see she was having difficulties. It was not about me at all.

When I went again to my 7-yr-previous with that compassion, I was in a position to be their a person advocate. When I was equipped to see as a result of the fog of my anger, hurt and disappointment, I was capable to much better converse up for her.

I was able to help other relatives associates see what styles were being emerging, and how we have been really fortifying them rather of dissolving them.

My journey of self-really like stared listed here

Listening Time was where I started out my journey of self-really like. 

I have utilised it to brainstorm what I can do to endorse it in myself, places the place I’ve lost my like of self, how I can regain it and why it is so important for me to do this. I want for my kids to have a deep adore of themselves and I know modeling this truly for them is vital. Or at least becoming truthful about it even now staying a journey for me.

Listening Time is also the place I unpack the actuality that my child is not basically me. They may perhaps remind me of areas of myself that scare me. I could in some cases sense like I am debating myself. Or lament that the apple has not fallen considerably from the tree. But they have other things to their identity that are not at all like I was. For example, they do extremely nicely in a school location and a teacher would not have a clue who on earth this submit is about!

If you have a kid who is related to you, whose behaviors you locate difficult to tackle, discovering how those similarities may be triggering for you could be helpful. 

Establish compassion, not comparison

Exclusive Time is a further instrument that I found helpful in parenting my mini-me. Exclusive Time is just one-on-one engage in time wherever you established a timer, permit your child to guide and you just DELIGHT in them with out distraction. If your intellect wanders, you carry it back to your beloved baby in front of you and how a lot you adore them. Get a free of charge guidebook to Distinctive Time.

Occasionally it served me to keep in mind them as a babe in arms and people gushy inner thoughts holding them produced me sense. When I was delighting in them I was absolutely focused on them, so I celebrated their characteristics as their possess rather of drawing comparisons to myself. 

This was also a way for my child to fill their cup total with my warmth and awareness, while they had me all to them selves. Getting this possibility is actually essential and is a very good way to simplicity sibling rivalry and other fears and insecurities.

Use these tactics again and again as your youngster grows

This self appreciate journey will usually be anything I revisit time and time once more via Listening Partnerships, specifically as my baby receives older and the fears and stakes of the teenager many years loom much larger. 

Listening Time is the a single device I can count on to constantly present me with specifically what I will need, even when I am not absolutely sure of exactly what that is. 

By listening I am reminded that equally myself and my baby have deep empathy, a robust sense of correct and incorrect and will converse up when we need to have to.

I also remind myself that I have witnessed this kid mature into an brilliant human getting, independent from me and with lots of strengths that I could only dream of. 

I have seen them shift in the earth in a way that awes and impresses me and can make me truly feel blessed and honored to have a vital job in this journey.

I will preserve operating on loving me and I will under no circumstances prevent loving her.

Are you raising a “mini-me”?

Use these questions and techniques to retain your relationship with your miniature you strong and rooted in link. 

  1. Revisit what was happening for you when you were the age your kid is now. What messages did you obtain or want to obtain? How can you sense compassion for the boy or girl you have been? Repeat this any time you enter a section that feels specially difficult with your boy or girl and see what you uncover.
  2. In tricky moments (or just later on) consider holding your youngster when they had been young. Aim on all that you admired and dreamed for them. 
  3. What sections of you have you tried out to hide? Are you making an attempt to protect and protect your child from the exact qualities or qualities? How can you arrive to celebrate them? What would you have liked to have read about them as a kid?
  4. Make a record of the methods you are comparable and the strategies you are different. What do you admire about each?
  5. In moments of battle or strain, we can generally default to comparisons and outdated messaging connected to us, rather than see our child’s experience as their individual. Through their upsets, listen and keep the notion that they are excellent and will determine factors out in their individual way. This assists continue to keep your attention focused on your little one.  
  6. Commit time performing Special Time in which you can delight and fork out interest to just what your youngster is executing in the minute and delight in what they want to share with you. 


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