Xbox One test enables DTS:X spatial audio for headphones

It took numerous months, but you can eventually see what the fuss is about with DTS’ state-of-the-art headphone audio on Xbox A single consoles — if you are an early adopter. The latest Alpha Skip-In advance check launch (by using Windows Central) for Xbox Insiders provides an alternative to install the DTS Sound Unbound app, and therefore DTS:X for Headphones support. You will have to get a license to test Unbound (it is thankfully absolutely free for the full check flight interval), but this must give you a style of a lot more immersive headphone audio, significantly in video games with Spatial Sound support.

Alpha Skip-In advance is a incredibly early, invitation-only ring, so it might be some time just before you can test this even if you are an Xbox Insider. Don’t be shocked if there are glitches, also. If you are component of that group and are prepared to dwell with the quirks, although, this could give you a lot more sophisticated audio without having creating others in your domestic share the working experience.

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